Easy recipes from provinces of France

Roast goose or roast duck recipe (Oie a l'alsacienne) Alsace

Fast potful (Potee auvergnate) Auvergne

Pyrenees potato in tomatoes (Pommes de terre aux tomates) Midi-Pyrenees

Easy French toast Provence

Rouille sauce Provence

Aioli sauce Provence

Bouillabaisse Provence

Cheese salad in lettuce cones Franche-Comte

Rooster in wine Franche-Comte

Mushroom dessert "Franche-Comte"

Cheese Tart (Tarte au fromage) Franche-Comte

Fondue de Franche-Comte

French meat pie (Tortiere) Normandy

Steak a la bretonne (Le entrecote a la bretonne) Soon

Spring Lamb Stew (Navarin printanier)

French onion soup recipe (Soupe a l'oignon, parisienne)

French peppered steak (Steak au poivre recipe)

Marseilles fish soup (Bouillabaisse)

Beef burgundy recipe (Boeuf bourguignon)

Provencal beef stew recipe (Daube de boeuf provencal)

Roasted chicken casserole (Poulet roti en casserole)

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