Easy French toast recipe

One of the oldest and easiest recipes of France

Recipe for French toast is one of the oldest in French cooking. It was mentioned in an ancient recipe book Apicius, so it turns out that it is more than 1600 years old. The province of it origin (presumably) - Provence.

tasty French toast
Tasty French toast

The recipe is widely overspread in many countries in different variations and is known by many names, among which pain perdu, lost bread, poor knights, fluffy bread, fried slices, paris toast, french bread (sometimes just this name is used when they mean french toasts, and not the recipe of bread as such)...

A variety of French toast recipes group in two directions:

- tasty, quick cooking dessert
- easy, abstemious, healthy meal from stale bread.

It is very easy to switch from one recipe direction to another: just do not add sweet ingredients, or add them in lesser quantity.

Of course, it is easy possible to prepare french toast without cinnamon or any other ingredient. There are even easy french toast recipe without milk.

Basic French toast recipe

If cooking for 2 people:

4-6 slices of bread for toasts (cut into fairly thick slices)

2 eggs

a cup of milk

a teaspoon of sugar

a pinch of salt

a bit (or two) of butter

syrup, powdered sugar, optional

cinnamon, vanilla extract, nutmeg, fresh berries, optional, depending on your tast


In a shallow bowl whisk eggs with milk and sugar (sugar should be dissolved). Put cinnamon (and-or nutmeg) and whisk few seconds more.

Heat large griddle or frying-pan on medium heat, melt butter (or use vegetable oil if you're on a diet).

Dip bread slices into shallow bowl with whisked mixture so that their both sides were wet.

Place slices of bread onto the griddle, cook on each side until slightly (golden) browned.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar or pour with syrup (if you like).

Serve freshly-cooked french toasts on a warm plate with berries or jam or.. (depending on your taste and fantasy).

French toast recipe without milk

People who are lactose intolerant can easy cook French toast without milk and butter. There are two possible ways. First, you may add some water to the eggs or take more of eggs so that the liquid mixture in the shallow bowl was in a sufficient quantity. The second way is that you may to use Soy Milk. And you are to use vegetable oil instead of butter.

Exotic French toast recipe without milk

There is even such exotic (german) recipe for French toast without milk, in which wine is used instead of milk. Just replace the milk on the wine. This recipe bears the name of "drunken virgin".

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