Blonde d'Aquitaine

French best meat cattle breed

beef blonde d'aquitaine beef blonde d'aquitaine

The cattle breed Blonde d'Aquitaine emanates from draft cattle which populated in the southwest of France in 5th-6th century. Originally, there pastured in the neighboring provinces three little crossovered cattle branches, wearing names corresponded region habitat: Garonnaise, Quercy and Blonde des Pyrenees (Bordaux and Toulouse between).

As time passes, they merged into one weakly distinctive herd, which in the 1962 received the name Blonde d'Aquitaine. In previous centuries these cattle branches were typical "of three use" (milk, meat and pulling force), now the Blonde d'Aquitaine considered and in fact is one of the best specialized beef cattle breed.

The Blonde d'Aquitaine is one of the leading French specialized beef breeds, about 550000 cows present all over the country. The spreading of the breed in the rest of Europe is now rather wide too, as well as in South America, due to its high heat resistance. Since 1972 the Blonde d'Aquitaine is imported to North America.

In fact, the Blonde d'Aquitaine is an international breed, which is to be found in more than 30 countries on the 5 continents.

D'aquitaine cattle has great body development and powerful, excellent conformation, rounded muscling and exceptional beefing and eating qualities.

The breed typical traits are: bright yellow to wheat color, short hair, the fair areas around the eyes and planum nasolabial is one of the broad framed beef cattle breeds. The unpigmented mucosa appears pink. This blonde cattle stands out for its body length and rectangular form. As a pure beef breed all meat carrying body parts like haunch, back and shoulders are very well developed.

Exceptional beefing and eating qualities

Blonde d'Aquitaine beef has been known for excellent beef eating quality, it's fibrousness and great taste. Despite a minimal percentage of surface fat the inner muscular fat storage is very good. beef blonde d'aquitaine
Beef blonde d'aquitaine
This intramuscular fat content is sufficient to guarantee superior taste. The Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle has 3 to 6 mm of fat (these are European requirements), their meat is marbled. The excellent quality of meat is evidenced by the opinion of industry officials.

The beef quality is outstanding from diary cattle trough weaned calves to bullocks., the meat of older animals also has a very high quality.

The special tenderness and tastiness lead to the marketing of Blonde d'Aquitaine beef in France and the Netherlands under a special certification mark in quality stores (Label Rouge).

In France highest prices are being achieved for this breed under the "Label Rouge" thereby distancing it from other beef breeds.

Blonde d'Aquitaine in the United States

There are several Blonde d'Aquitaine Associations in the United States, organized to develop and promote this old-fangled good blonde cattle. Their annual membership meetings usually become a colorful festivals, members and guests touring the farms and having delicious barbecue lunches.

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