French cuisine

Traditional styles of cooking

In a varying extent, each French province (region) has its own special style of cooking, which evolution was influenced by neighboring countries, economic conditions, culture and lifestyle, local availability of food ingredients. At the same time we can find a wide range of recipes very popular through the whole of the country. There are the other divides of French cuisine: the "cuisine regionale" (regional cuisine), the "cuisine bourgeose" (ordinary, daily cuisine) and the "cuisine haute" (exquisite, sophisticated cuisine).

french cuisine

The limitations of such division is visible. For example, if "Boeuf bourguignon" in Paris is considered a culinary dish of cuisine regionale, in the Burgundy this recipes represents the cuisine bourgeose. Regional French recipes from southern provinces (Provence, Languedoc, area of Basques, Gascony) sharply differs an acuteness of food, greater use of wine and spices, especially garlic and an onions. Alsace cuisine has its own distinguishing features of usage (for instance) pork and cabbage. In Provence the food typically features tomatoes, olive oil and herbs. The cuisine of northwest France uses much butter, soured cream and apples. Inhabitants of coastal areas use more boons of the sea - fishes, crabs, lobsters, crayfishes and shrimps. In areas far from the sea these dishes will be considered rare. Examples can be continued.

When we speak about French recipes and when we choose the recipe for cooking, first of all we mean any concrete dish. The one that have deserved recognition all over the world, and which popularity has crossed borders. Be it from Provence cuisine or from Corsica, be it a recipe of cuisine bourgeose or of cuisine haute - it is a dish of French cuisine. And, as you are with us at our site, it is a dish, which is fast and easy to cook.

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