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The main distinction of our site from those of the similar set with culinary recipes is that our recipes are really fast and easy in cooking, and that they really are French cooking recipes. Only they are slightly changed, touched up, moved to the ground of another, not French, culture. Our aim was easy cooking, not simplification of recipes. This easiness has been achieved due to replacing of unessential and permissive ingredients (which even at restaurants in France are far not always in use); due to appliance of diverse utensils; due to refusal of operations which, actually, can not be explained otherwise, than by a fancy of a cook, blindly repeated afterwards. All the most essential, most "culinary and French" in recipes we have held over. All told, if you search for the intricate recipe, if you desire to spend a half of your day in kitchen cooking something unthinkable, then this site is not your destination. And finally, the last piece of advice: the success of a dish weakly depends on the recipe, but mainly on the creative abilities of the cook.

About French cuisine

The French consider cookery to be an art and name famous cooks poets. There travel legends about advantages of French cuisine…

french cuisine
French cuisine recipes

People in France consider culinary recipes only a basis for cooking food…

Map of France (and of French regions)
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Art and gastronomy

Gastronomy and art. Painting and cookery. Whether can here exist any coherence though? Whether culinary predilections of the artist influence somehow the result of his creative work? We would like, though a few, to clear this question…

On a photo tuor for recipes

May be, a short photo excursion through provinces of France will help you to appreciate the peculiarity of French regional cuisine. Then the recipe will appear to be more distinct, and the dish you prepare, more tasty.

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